My Trip Through China and SE Asia Is Even Better Than I Expected

by bria4123 on August 20, 2012


I promised to post lots of updates, but I got hit by China’s Great Firewall. Thanks to Dave Landis for the last post. Politically, this is an intense year in China because a lot of power is changing hands and the government wants to control unrest. But I traveled all over the country, and the people were some of the friendliest I’ve met anywhere in the world. Many posts to come!

I’m now back in Thailand. I’ve taken thousands of pictures of things throughout this trip that aren’t in any books–and thousands more of things that are better known. I decided to wait until I return home, around Oct 1, before I publish. My camera cards are precious, and I’ve been warned about viruses in many places. I don’t want to expose them to risks of being corrupted.

So please be patient for a few weeks, and I’ll reward you with lots of fresh material. Meanwhile, there’s enough info in this blog to fill a book, and then some. Thank you for visiting–please keep coming!


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tyrhone August 22, 2012 at 8:25 am

Hey Brian,

Looking foward to seeing some of your pics and reading your views on an amazing place. China was incredible, but after staying in Bangkok for a week post China, i have to say,Thailand is a lot easier to relax and get things done in.


hermes7 September 18, 2012 at 9:51 am

Hi Tyrhone, I also went to Thailand (and Laos) after China, and I’m now in Cambodia. I went to a lot of small towns in northern Thailand, which I never visited before. Then I went back to Bangkok. I didn’t relax very much because I was always going to places to study and photograph them. I got lots of new material for this site and for the books I’ll publish next year. Now I’m in Cambodia, and loving it. The people here are so warm. I’m finding them more direct and emotionally open than many of the Thais I’ve met. This is an easy country to fall in love with.

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