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by bria4123 on October 1, 2012


It was THAT good!

The 4 month journey through China and Southeast Asia was even more high-flying than last year’s trip. Just before I left, in late May, I promised you a dragon flight–and some kick-ass fun.

But the Great Firewall prevented me from getting into my website to share this trip with you. The government’s trying to control the flow of ideas and information as it approaches a power-shift, and faces public dissension. But while the elites are vying for the nation’s material wealth, I found something better.

The people in China were some of the friendliest I’ve met anywhere in the world–including this little dragon in a Chengdu school. The media in America often portray China as The Other and as the USA’s biggest competitor. And many people in China’s government focus on keeping their power. But regular folks are eager to reach out–they constantly started conversations with me.

This trip was a giddy flight through so many cultural landscapes in China and Southeast Asia that it flouted all conventional boundaries–it really was a dragon flight. But the people I met allowed me to soar by sharing their inner lives with me. A Great Wall-sized Thank You to all the wonderful folks I met.

China is America’s #1 trading partner, so these two nations need to understand each other better. As both countrys’ media focus on material wealth, the people in both have potential to share cultural wealth that rivals the grandeur of our lands.

While the pigs in both countries are at the trough, we can all help each other fly like dragons.

You can start by exploring Chinese civilization,

and by flying through other civilizations, like Indian.


For more of the world's best cultural wealth,

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