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I got bitten by the book bug while in college and began reading as much as I could about ways in which different societies view the world. Since business and technology are key aspects of cultures, I got my degree in business and became a Silicon Valley head hunter and résumé writer. Since then, I’ve always enjoyed mixing business and cultural studies for more creative insights about both.

Outside of the office, I kept reading as much as I could about the world’s cultures. Over the last 28 years, I’ve deeply studied and traveled in:

Europe (from antiquity to the postmodern age)



Southeast Asia

The Middle East


I’ve studied all these areas through many fields, including history, business, art, religious studies, philosophy, music, geography, anthropology, psychology, and literature.

I’m also an amateur musician and songwriter, and I’ve performed publicly on four continents. I’ve found that music is one of the best vehicles for penetrating other cultures because it allows me to share people’s emotions more deeply. Music also makes me a better résumé writer and book writer. When their components are crafted and arranged so that they complement each other, they’re like well-composed music. They’re both logical and emotionally engaging so that they stand out in readers’ minds for a long time.

My experience in multiple fields always allows me to gain new perspectives of job seekers and human cultures. My travels and studies have taught me that every person is unique and very deep. This enables me to do more for people who need a new résumé than writers who only work on résumés can. Creativity is crucial now because job seekers constantly upgrade their presentations in order to compete with each other–you need to stand out from people who hire résumé writers. The ability to see beyond what others do often makes the difference in the hiring process. Many past clients have given me outstanding testimonials:

I previously worked with two consultants about résumés, and Brian was more helpful than both put together. He sat down with me, analyzed my experience, and discovered several ways in which I stand out from my competition that I wasn’t aware of. Leonard S., technical writer

I got much more intelligent advice from Brian about my résumé than I did from anybody else. I got a job within one month of his consultation, and his work had a lot to do with it. Prasad S., software engineer

Hiring Brian will not only get you a professional and well written essay but also a human encyclopedia filled with insights and wisdom pertaining to the hiring world which has equal or greater value than the resume itself, in my opinion. Johnny M., sales consultant

I asked a friend, who is the head of HR of a Fortune 100, company to review the resume Brian created for me, and they changed one word. I consider that to be nothing short of phenomenal. Greg B., CEO

Brian was brilliant at turning around my résumé. After being an entrepreneur for 10 years, I was not sure who my experience should be translated into compelling words in the eyes of a potential employer. Brian hopped on Skype with me, talked me through my work experiences and was able to find the common threads among all the things that I have accomplished. Thibault M., marketing manager

I have seen many offers for resume writing services but Brian has proved that his one in one service with extreme professionalism and details can work wonders for your future career endeavors. Mohan G., software engineer

The end product was excellent and concise. He is a talented man with a wealth of experience. I recommend him. I’ve already gotten two interviews in one week. Tressa O., CEO

Brian dissected each of my previous roles much like a surgeon, with precision and attention to detail, that even had myself impressed in what I had accomplished thus far. Brian is able to bring out the best in people’s experiences and figure out a way to cater it to the appropriate crowd. As soon as I started applying, I received 3-4 responses and had job offers from a couple of those companies within a few weeks. Daniel C., project manager

I heard more innovative ideas from Brian about how to craft an effective résumé than I have from anyone else. He understands how the rules for finding a job in this market have changed more than anyone else that I have worked with. I would emphatically recommend him to any professional who is looking for a job. Dan M., technical writer

I’m a member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association (The NRWA). I’m also up to date with applicant-tracking software (ATS) systems. Seventy-two percent of résumés that are sent for a job opening won’t be read by people because ATS systems screen them. ATS systems have recently changed so that many conventional résumé writing techniques fail now. There are more than 140 of these systems, and they require certain types of formatting (there are hundreds of ways to make formatting mistakes) and intelligent use of keywords.

My broad background allows me to see all of a job seeker’s unique selling points with a bigger perspective and a larger range of ideas. My versatile writing experience enables me to showcase them to hiring managers in ways that will have the most impact. My breadth also allows me to expose more and more of the world’s cultural wealth. Both of these endeavors are about seeing and exposing the full richness in people and in the world around us. So I’ll keep doing both for as long as I can foresee.


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