The Greek Gods Are Now On Facebook

by bria4123 on January 7, 2013


Those ancient Greeks were so clever. Their fans have often praised them for imagining the Olympian gods to be so realistic that they seem human. They were so vivid that I can imagine them having a Facebook conversation.

You can enter the Olympus account and find out what they’re up to.

Aphrodite: I just updated my wall photo!

Zeus LIKES this.

Hephaestus: I’m going to see the doctor about my leg tomorrow.

Hera: I’m cooking spanakopita with mizithra cheese tonight. Zeus! Where the hell are you?

Hermes: Thanks Facebook for putting me out of a job!

Artemis: I’m going to relax with a nice bath now.

Zeus LIKES this.

Dionysus: I’m throwing a party this weekend. Pentheus won’t be able to make it because he lost his head at the last one. So there’s a space if anyone wants to go.


The Greeks captured our human essences so well that you can transpose their gods into the most modern settings and find them fully at home! Ancient Indian gods were more remote, but Greeks saw theirs in such tangible terms and depicted them with such realistic stories that they’re still relevant, in spite of all the new technologies that people developed.

Greeks were creating the polis when they began to write about their gods–they were living in intimate city-states. The gods’ life-like antics taught people the perils and joys of close communal living, and how to manage human relationships. Greeks projected a tightly knit community into the heavens. They were so wise in the ways that they imagined people that their stories transcend times and media.

The Olympians would make a great reality show on YouTube.


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John Seto January 7, 2013 at 7:02 pm

Zesus: My headache is gone since Athena arrived!

Seriously, our knowledge of the foibles of Greek gods can be thank to writers such as Homer, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, etc.

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