Flying To Beijing Today–Quickflight

by bria4123 on May 30, 2012


Well, 12 hours isn’t exactly a quickflight. But I’ve been looking forward to going back to China for a long time.

I’ll journey through China and Southeast Asia for the next 4 months–YEAH!

As I do the character of my blog will change.

On the homepage, I promised a mixture of quickflights, which have cool stories, and the more academic posts. I’ve gotten much more into the academic stuff because I love getting into the depths of different cultures. These posts are nothing close to what the book I’ll publish next year will be–you can only read so much in a blog post. The book will be a game-changing new perspective of who we are as people.

But human intimacy and loud kick-ass fun are also part of who we are. So I expect that most of the posts over the next 4 months will be stories. They’ll balance the academic stuff.

A great way to read this blog will be to go back and forth between both. That would be like my own experiences overseas–a museum rat by day, guitar player in hostels at night. Mixing all modes has felt like a dance with the world which I’ve found to be sheer electricity.

Feel free to share your own travel stories here.

Happy dancing!

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