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In this blog, we’ll create a more rewarding¬†perspective of our world that synthesizes 5,000 years of human culture.

Some of the unique features of this blog are:

1. The future well-being of children. Imagine the best possible world for kids to become adults in. We’ll explore a new view of the world based on my 25 years of experience studying cultures and traveling around the world. I found a simple formula that can help us create a happier world, improve family life, and reform education.

2. Perspectives from many cultures, including

  • The Western tradition
  • India
  • China
  • The Middle East
  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa

3. Marco Polo-scale world travel with lots of cool pictures.

4. Bridging the digital and analog worlds. The digitization of our lives is one of today’s most important issues. The analog world is being less appreciated. But we’ll find that this is the best time in history to study it. We’ll gain new insights about our past so we can blend it with current trends.

5. A new philosophy that will give us richer ideas about our human identity and our world. We’ll take unparalleled flights between lands and historical eras–let’s inspire the heck out of kids so they fall in love with learning.

In short, we’ll study humanity’s heritage and see more and more of the infinite riches in each place and grow dialogs. As you keep comparing cultures, they reflect each other in so many ways that they shine on each other like stars. This is a great world to bequeath to the next generation. Let’s learn. Let’s talk. Let’s build.


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